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How to work under pressure?

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

If stress burned calories, I'd be a supermodel. 🧐

The ability to work under pressure includes handling constraints that are outside of our control - might be the difficulty of the task, time or resources constraints, inadequate knowledge required to finish the task, as well as unexpected problems. In order to reduce the likelihood of some pressurised situations happening, effective planning and time management are the main methods to solve this problem but it will NOT eradicate them completely.

This post is part of Talent Academy's live Clubhouse chatroom series, Episode 3 "Working Under Pressure". Watch the episode below or click here to watch it on YouTube.

So how do get better at working under pressure? In this episode of our Clubhouse Chatrooms, Talent Academy's Managing Director, Sanja Jovanovic, Talent Academy Interns, Carmen Chea, Kar Lyn Ng, and Royce Ilano, discussed how to cope up with work stress.

Plan First, Attack Later

Failing to plan is planning to fail. You should take some time to plan the process of action, no matter how much stress and pressure you are facing in a given situation. Therefore, you should NEVER 'wing it' when coping with stressful situations. Planning also sees the situation from a different perspective, assisting you to recognise what is really at stake.


Although you may not be able to ready for every contingency, you can prepare for the known variables such as sales pitches, deadlines, important presentations and others projects scheduled on your calendar.


Don't try to take everything on by yourself if you manage a team. Good communication can promote teamwork and better collaboration. Internal communication is also important in workplace communication. It ensures the team and management are on the same pages.

Sometimes you surprise yourself with what you do under pressure. 😇

Key Takeaways

The years go so fast. You will be wearing another graduation cap and saying goodbye to another chapter of your life. These few years will be the foundation your adult life is built upon. Discovery, adventure and, dreams are all the freshmen needed. Comment below the method you use when you are under the stress.

A big thanks to our interns for being part of the conversation!

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