Meet our energetic, vibrant and passionate

team at Talent Academy!
Our company culture is casual and flexible, but always inspiring and hardworking. We value both work outcomes and processes, not forgetting to work hard, play hard! Our interns experience industry first hand in a respectful and open environment.

Sanja Headshot.jpg

Founder & Managing Director

Sanja is a public speaking coach, corporate MC, facilitator and speaker coach at TEDxUniSA. As a theatre performer, she has over 20 years of experience on stage and on screen. She loves to work with people facing the stage or screen and has coached and trained speakers and leaders in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and major cities in China.


Sanja is passionate about training, facilitation and process improvement, always keen to find connections where she can assist and consult in business analysis and find clever ways to engage in the game of business. Whether it is working with executives, middle managers or line supervisors, she is able to design workshops that best fit the individual or groups she is working with. Her top tip for public speaking? Practice makes better!


Carmen Headshot.jpg

Media & Marketing Intern

Carmen studied a double degree in a Bachelor of Media with Bachelor of Computer Sciences at the University of Adelaide. She has great passion for digital media, marketing and design and has experience in using a range of digital platforms and technologies. Using her skills in media and production web development, Carmen has helped transition our business to the online platform by launching our e-learning website for public speaking courses. From filming and editing course videos to building and promoting the platform, she has challenged herself in working across multiple fields to complete this project from start to end. Carmen is interested in digital marketing and data analytics and aims to pursue a career in user experience design after graduation.