Contact us to book private public speaking coaching in Adelaide or an online session. Jumpstart your presentation skills with us today!


Sessions are similar to a personal fitness training session - except our coaches will give you activities and feedback to improve

your presentation skills. We're here to help you increase your engagement and communication with your audience to boost your talk and leave a lasting impression. 


Master the Art of Public Speaking

Our usual consultation requests for Public Speaking coaching in Adelaide or online include:

  • Managing nerves and overcoming fear

  • Preparation for an upcoming presentation

  • Answering questions on-the-spot 

  • Vocal training and exercises

  • Catchy powerpoint slides

  • Pitching for funding

  • Negotiating beneficial deals 

  • Writing engaging speeches in less time

Or anything else that we can do to help your public speaking and presentation skills

Live Coaching

Interested in live coaching sessions to improve your communication skills?

Book a Zoom session with one of our speaker coaches for one-to-one coaching tailored to your public speaking needs or request an in-person public speaking course in Adelaide. 

1 hour sessions are AUD $80 + GST.

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