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Manage Speaker Fear

Stage fright is incredibly common. But it shouldn't be the thing holding you back from a promotion, opportunity or sale. This course will teach you presentation skills that will ease your anxieties and boost your speech.



Sanja Hendrick

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About Course

Manage Speaker Fear

Always nervous during presentations? Don't worry, we all are. This short module will go through tips to help you prepare for your next speech. You will learn several handy tricks on managing any speaking anxiety, some of the best practices for presenting and ways to practice effectively to confidently present your information without fear.

About Our Coach

Sanja Hendrick

Sanja is a speaker, coach, entertainer and educator. She thrives off of facilitating organisational change, operating under the firm belief that the most important part of the presentation process is effective communication. 
After 18 years as a performer in the theatre world, Sanja has extensive stage experience and non-verbal communication skills. Sanja has received multiple awards for her expertise in communication training, including but not limited to: Woman Entrepreneur of the Year (2021), Top Ten Female Mindset Coaches of Australia (2021), Finalist in the Australian Small Business Champion Awards (2019) and the International Leader Award (2019) in which she was recognised as a future leader by international leaders.   Today she teaches public speaking courses in Adelaide and online at Talent Academy. 


Teaching style - Theatre-based approach

What is a theatre-based approach?
Our approach teaches tactics based on:

Unlike other speech coaching companies who focus on content, we believe that it’s not what you say that matters, it’s how you say it. When you are presenting, your body language and facial expressions tell half the story and can alter the audience’s reactions and engagement. Our theatrical approach aims to teach you how to step into character and how to perform your presentation to ensure that you receive the best response possible. We want you feeling confident going in and out of a presentation.

Having confidence in your content

Being aware of how you are physically presenting

Engaging audiences with your body language

Characterising your presentation with your voice

Practical and industry tips and tricks to help
conquer stage fright

What Our Clients Say About Us

Andy - Accodex

Sanja is one of the most engaging, powerful and infectiously genuine speakers I have ever met. I've learned more about sub communications in 1 session with Sanja than I have from anyone else.

Patrick Caldow

Fantastic half day experience that helped my public speaking and lots of new skills that I will use in my everyday life and work. Sanja is a fantastic teacher and has made me into a professional speaker.


Sam -
Spending Made Easy

Even though it is a couple of months off, I feel like her workshops are getting me totally in the right headspace to nail my presentation. Thank you Sanja!

Eric - Codium

Sanja is not just a brilliant MC, she knows what it takes from experience to make an event work. She is a talented speaker and someone that can be relied on in all situation to make the best possible outcome.

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