• Sanja Jovanovic

Bend and Snap - Fringe Review

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - 4 stars

A blend of circus, comedy and drama - that’s a thing, right? Well, it certainly is! The Bend and Snap show brought multiple elements together quite well.

With tongue in cheek humour, this show was a family friendly environment that gave the adults plenty of laugh out loud moments as well! Everything from hoop tricks and acrobatics, to pole dancing and splits! It’s all brought to life on an intimate little stage at Cafe Outside The Square. A loose love story is weaves throughout the piece bringing a nice “feel good“ at the end of the gasps of amazement at all the acts! With so much of the work being performed on the floor of their small stage, we wish the venue had tiered seating but otherwise it went well.

A special mention goes to one of the performers (who we later confirmed is called Dylan), the show would not have hit the mark without his involvement. Dylan brought eye watering humour with clever wit, exaggerated facial expressions and absolutely brilliant silliness that made him one of the most endearing characters on the stage - that balance of amazing acts with amazing humour struck a chord with us!

The Adelaide Contortion Collective is the group behind this event, it appears they do plenty of work outside of Fringe. Even though their Fringe season is over, check out their Facebook page for details whenever they have shows - https://facebook.com/adelaidecontortioncollective/

If this merry band of bendy people bring another show to Fringe next year, we will definitely be there. Make sure you check them out next year!

Reviewed by Nicolas Lombard and Sanja Jovanovic

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