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Our Vision

Supporting talented and inspiring leaders to develop impactful and passionate speeches to transform the world.

Who we are

Founded by seasoned performer Sanja Jovanovic in 2013, Talent Academy is an Australian based, award-winning public speaking training academy that adopts innovative techniques to help people master their speaking anxiety. We have a specific focus on teaching theatre-based methods to help improve body language performance and create engaging presenters. 


Our online courses are created in a friendly and enjoyable way, where you will feel comfortable improving your confidence, public speaking and leadership skills. 

Public speaking made easy!


Our Founder

Sanja Jovanovic

Founder & CEO, Talent Academy

Sanja is a certified Coaching Professional who specialises in helping people overcome their public speaking anxieties. After 18 years as a performer in the theatre industry, Sanja has first-hand experience in dealing with stage fright and an extensive knowledge of methods to help conquer these fears. Since founding Talent Academy in 2013, Sanja has assisted numerous speakers and leaders in becoming confident presenters in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and China. Talent Academy has won multiple awards in recognition of Sanja’s expert training techniques.



We are passionate about helping and empowering those who want to build their future and improve their lives.
Building a legacy of happy, healthy and empowered individuals.

Image by Micheile Henderson


10% of our earnings is donated to our charity, Roma World United.

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